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Tauzeeh Ul Masail Syed Ali Khamenei Pdf Free BEST

a word of caution. we have a long road ahead of us. we have to inform the people and the masses who follow and love the master of the martyrs and are the defenders of the teachings of islam and his infallible ayatullah. look carefully at the actions of the leaders of the "reform movement" and carefully avoid them. they will carry out the most ruthless and severe methods of injustice toward the infallibles.

tauzeeh ul masail syed ali khamenei pdf free


it is the duty of the husband to consummate the marriage, as otherwise he would not have fulfilled the religious obligation of marrying the woman. the contract has expired even if the marriage takes place within the time period. when the time period expires, the contract automatically discharges the wife and all of the responsibilities that the contract had imposed on her are now at an end. there is no legal or religious impediment to permitting her to offer (lailat) to allah (swt), her prayer and her ritual acts. she is also entitled to freedom of movement and she has the right to leave (if she has a job or another source of income) wherever she pleases.

for example, an agreement entered into after marriage stipulates that the wife must give a certain amount for the contract to be fulfilled. the husband is not obliged to consummate the marriage. if the wife refuses, the husband is not obliged to fulfil the contract and the amount remains due from her. in this situation, the husband has the right to demand (on legal grounds) that she consummate the marriage before the time period has expired. if the husband executes the contract after the time period has elapsed, and the wife did not consummate the marriage, the hukm of the contract has ceased. the amount remains payable. in this situation, the hukm is not relevant; the husband is not obliged to consummate the marriage or fulfil the contract. even if it is the husband's obligation to consummate the marriage and he fails to do so, such as by ignoring the woman's advances or because she rejects him, the husband cannot demand the amount from his wife, even if the contract stipulates that he has no right to the amount unless he consummates the marriage. if the husband had no other choice, he would have no right to the amount, as the woman could have freed herself from the contract by refusing to consummate the marriage.

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