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Fifa 07 Commentary File

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Fifa 07 Commentary File

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Soccergames are bigger than ever before, raking in millions for the likes of EA and Konami (especially in the UK). But what does 'next-gen' really mean for soccer games? Well, less repetitive commentary for a start...

Speakingrecently about the future of soccer games and their move to next-gen systems, Andrew Wilson, executive producer of soccer, EA explained, "We ran out of space on the disc with current gen. Last year's FIFA had 26 leagues, 15 thousand players, kits, players, stadiums, audio and music, you just run out of space. The next gen discs have got more space so in the short term we will have much more commentary on our games."

Wilson believes that the online sides of PS3 and 360 are where developers can really takesoccer to a new level. "Looking long term, these consoles are now online. And I would love to think that we can start to pump dynamic commentary into the game on a weekly basis so you never hear the same thing twice.

"But think about competitions. Imagine having commentators popping up to commentate on interactive games. So you're not reliant on commentary from our game anymore, you got someone who gets online and comments every week instead, who then gets a reputation."

The commentary adds the interactive element to the game and provides the user with a feeling of being involved with real-time football. However, after playing the game for hours on loop, you are bound to involuntarily synchronise your lips to some of the most common bits of commentary in the game.

We start off with a very common bit of commentary that is frequently used for the likes of Manuel Neuer, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Ederson. These goalkeepers like to charge at the attacker and sweep the ball off their feet. They win the 50-50 challenge more often than not and this is when the commentator praises their instinct.

The striker has his shot on target and a superhuman save was the need of the hour to prevent the scoreline from changing. This bit of commentary usually follows a save against a powerful shot, often from the edge of the box.

This move also limits the overall commentary options for players who want to enjoy quality English calls during their matches. Instead of multiple options, players will now essentially be stuck with Dixon and Rae barring any post-launch update from EA.

According to the post only English, French, and Spanish (South America) commentary are available with every version of the game. FIFA 21 uses the location where the game was purchased to determine what other commentators can be selected.

For example, if you live in Portugal and purchase the game, you would have Portuguese commentary available to select from. But the community manager noted that someone, say from Sweden, would not have that option.

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