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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Install and Play the Hotfix incl DLC-CODEX CODEX Version

The mod based on models made by Melooo, and also reused his gameplay ideas about how to implement Black Templar's 'close to codex' style.Also this mod utilize some other FOK/POK assets, like updated sound effects and FX-es. THANK YOU, FOK team, you are Best among DoW1 modders.This mod would not exist without helps of Skinnie.Glorious Thudmeiser, who organized voice scripting and recording process for the entire Warhammer 40k modding community. Follow his work on Revora!Claymore MD made the cool trailer for this mod, and also he granted us permission to use some of his music tracks.Great thanks to forum members who provide me a vital data about mod balance, etc: EyePatch, BloodyVomit, I_Chample, Amibari_Sen (and his friend).

Kingdom.Come.Deliverance.Hotfix.incl.DLC-CODEX CODEX

- Sometime, my Crusader squads ignores my command to retreat and continue to kill, figth and die! What I do wrong?This is the codex feature of Black Templars faction, named Righteous Zeal. You should learn how to benefits from it, or avoid and minimize losses.

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