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CPS Growtopia: What is it and How to Download it on PC

Download CPS Growtopia: How to Join the Creative Private Server on PC

Growtopia is a popular online sandbox game where you can create your own worlds, play with other players, and explore thousands of items. But what if you want to experience a different version of Growtopia, where you have unlimited creativity, freedom, and fun? That's where CPS Growtopia comes in.

download cps growtopia

What is CPS Growtopia?

CPS Growtopia is a creative private server (CPS) for Growtopia, where you can join a community of like-minded players who enjoy building, designing, and experimenting with the game. CPS Growtopia is not affiliated with the official Growtopia game or its developers, and it has its own features, rules, and updates.

Features of CPS Growtopia

  • CPS Growtopia has over 10,000 items that you can use for free, including rare and exclusive items that are not available in the official game.

  • CPS Growtopia has custom commands that you can use to modify your character, world, and gameplay. For example, you can change your name color, spawn items, teleport to other worlds, and more.

  • CPS Growtopia has a friendly and active staff team that can help you with any questions or issues you may have. They also host events, giveaways, and contests for the players.

  • CPS Growtopia has a dedicated Discord server where you can chat with other players, share your creations, get updates, and join voice channels.

Benefits of CPS Growtopia

  • CPS Growtopia lets you unleash your creativity and imagination without any limitations or restrictions. You can build anything you want, from simple houses to complex machines.

  • CPS Growtopia lets you have fun and relax without worrying about losing your items or getting banned. You can play at your own pace and enjoy the game without any stress.

  • CPS Growtopia lets you learn new skills and improve your knowledge of the game. You can experiment with different items, commands, and mechanics, and discover new possibilities and tricks.

  • CPS Growtopia lets you meet new friends and join a supportive community. You can socialize with other players who share your interests and passions, and make lasting connections.

How to Download CPS Growtopia on PC

If you want to join CPS Growtopia on your PC, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download GrowLauncher

GrowLauncher is a tool that allows you to launch multiple versions of Growtopia on your PC. You will need it to run CPS Growtopia. You can download it from this link:

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Step 2: Download PowerTunnel

PowerTunnel is a tool that allows you to bypass the firewall of the official Growtopia server and connect to CPS Growtopia. You can download it from this link:

Step 3: Download Host File URL

Host File URL is a file that contains the IP address of CPS Growtopia. You will need to copy and paste it into your PowerTunnel settings. You can download it from this link:

Step 4: Run GrowLauncher and PowerTunnel

After you have downloaded and installed GrowLauncher and PowerTunnel, you need to run them both. First, open PowerTunnel and paste the Host File URL into the "Hosts File URL" field. Then, click on "Start Proxy". Next, open GrowLauncher and click on "Add Game". Then, browse to the folder where you have installed Growtopia and select the "Growtopia.exe" file. Finally, click on "Launch Game".

Step 5: Join CPS Growtopia Discord Server

The last step is to join the CPS Growtopia Discord server, where you can get the latest news, updates, and support from the staff and the community. You can join the server by clicking on this link:

Tips and Tricks for CPS Growtopia

Now that you have joined CPS Growtopia, you may want to know some tips and tricks to make the most out of your experience. Here are some of them:

How to Use Commands in CPS Growtopia

Commands are special words that you can type in the chat box to perform various actions in CPS Growtopia. For example, you can use "/namecolor" to change your name color, "/spawn" to spawn items, "/tp" to teleport to other worlds, and more. To see the full list of commands, you can type "/help" in the chat box.

How to Get Free Items in CPS Growtopia

One of the best features of CPS Growtopia is that you can get any item you want for free. There are two ways to do this: using commands or using shops. To use commands, you can type "/spawn [item name]" in the chat box. For example, if you want to get a dragon hand, you can type "/spawn dragon hand". To use shops, you can go to any world that has a shop sign and buy items with gems. Gems are also free in CPS Growtopia, so you don't have to worry about running out of them.

How to Create Your Own World in CPS Growtopia

If you want to create your own world in CPS Growtopia, you can do so by typing "/create [world name]" in the chat box. For example, if you want to create a world called "MyWorld", you can type "/create MyWorld". Then, you can enter your world and start building whatever you want. You can also invite other players to visit your world by typing "/broadcast [message]" in the chat box. For example, if you want to invite players to your world, you can type "/broadcast Come to MyWorld!"


CPS Growtopia is a creative private server for Growtopia that offers unlimited creativity, freedom, and fun for its players. You can join CPS Growtopia by following the steps above and downloading the required tools. You can also enjoy various features, benefits, and tips that will enhance your gameplay and make you a better builder and designer. If you are looking for a new way to play Growtopia, then CPS Growtopia is the perfect choice for you.


  • Q: Is CPS Growtopia safe and legal?A: CPS Growtopia is safe and legal as long as you don't use it to harm or scam other players or interfere with the official game. However, CPS Growtopia is not endorsed or supported by the official game or its developers, so use it at your own risk.

  • Q: Can I play CPS Growtopia on mobile?A: Yes, you can play CPS Growtopia on mobile devices such as Android and iOS. However, the process is more complicated than on PC, and you may need additional tools or apps. You can find more information on how to play CPS Growtopia on mobile on their Discord server.

  • Q: How can I contact the staff or report a problem in CPS Growtopia?A: The best way to contact the staff or report a problem in CPS Growtopia is through their Discord server. You can also send them an email at

  • Q: How can I support or donate to CPS Growtopia?A: If you want to support or donate to CPS Growtopia, you can do so by visiting their website at cpsgrowtop and clicking on the "Donate" button. You can also support them by sharing their server with your friends and inviting them to join.

  • Q: What are some other creative private servers for Growtopia?A: There are many other creative private servers for Growtopia, such as GrowtopiaX, GrowtopiaZ, GrowtopiaC, and more. You can find more information on how to join them on their respective websites or Discord servers.

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