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Mining Sim 2

In the world of Roblox Mining Simulator 2, we continue where we left off from the original with a completely revamped experience of harvesting and selling rare gems to become the ultimate spelunker! Right from the start, players set out to get the best equipment and harvesting tools to maximize their profits in the lucrative world of mining!

Mining Sim 2

Crates are rare objects in Mining Simulator 2 that can be opened to roll for rare skins for your gear. Unique skins are typically more rare, while the more boring skins are usually more common. You can get crates by claiming codes or finding them in chests while mining. You can also get them if you Rebirth your character so you can purchase them in the shop!

Mining Simulator 2 is a revamped version of Mining Simulator 1, a popular Roblox simulator game by the same developer. In the game, you must dive into the mining areas to mine for rare and valuable gems that you can sell to add coins to your in-game wallet. You can then use these coins to purchase more powerful equipment to make mining easier or more profitable. Your main goal is to become the ultimate miner by purchase and mining with the best gear and the biggest coin stash!

About Mining Simulator 2Mining Simulator 2 is a popular Roblox game developed by Rumble Studios. It's a sequel to the popular Mining Simulator, which was released in 2018. Just like in the original, here also you team up with your friends and go on a mining expedition to find rare gems. The objective is to get rich quick and travel different worlds, collecting pets and hats.

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