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Lost (2004) Portuguese Subtitles

The dub aired for a short time, and when it aired, it was inaccessible to its target audience; RTP1, who aired the show on weekends, only aired it until 2002, and RTP2 aired the show on weekdays during school hours, meaning that schoolchildren could not watch it. Due to this, the dub was largely unknown and was lost to time. Nowadays, the Somnorte dub is extremely rare to come across; the intro was uploaded to YouTube at one point, but it was taken down. Along with this, the show was redubbed in 2011 by Santa Claus, leaving this dub obsolete. In addition, a low-quality screenshot from the now-defunct Screenshot Comparisons site also exists, although its original source is unknown. Ironically, back during the dub's run on RTP, Canal Panda kept airing the series in European Spanish with Portuguese subtitles, as a result of it being a staple of the channel for years.

Lost (2004) Portuguese subtitles


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